Application fees

Applications must be accompanied by the relevant fees. 

Examinations will not be scheduled if payments are not made, or are subsequently cancelled.

If payment is cancelled after an examination has been undertaken, results will not be released to the candidate. 

How to pay​

Payments can be made:

  • online through the AMEB Qld website
  • through BPoint


Note: Credit card payments cannot be made over the phone.

All online transactions made through the AMEB Qld shop will appear on your bank statement as 'Queensland Government 2' or 'Qld Gov 2', as AMEB (Qld) is a part of the Queensland Government. Please be aware of this when checking your bank statements or managing payments.

Late fees

Late fees apply for any application or payment not reaching AMEB (Qld) by the cut-off date and time:

  • in person/postal by 5pm on the closing date

  • online by 11:59pm on the closing date.

Last updated
21 March 2019