Special requests

AMEB recognises that candidates function in an environment of conflicting needs.

To assist, AMEB (Qld) provides enrollers with the opportunity to note any circumstances on the enrolment form that may preclude their candidates attending an examination. Special requests may include avoiding the dates of school camps, sporting functions, other examination commitments, religious observations etc.

AMEB (Qld) may schedule practical examinations on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and in the evenings – depending on demand for service. If a candidate cannot be examined at these times, please include this advice in the special requests section at time of enrolment. While every consideration is given to requests, it may not be possible to meet them all, particularly if the request is for an exam to fall at the end of an examination session.

School holidays are usually avoided; however, those candidates looking to enrol in Brisbane Session 25 in 2019 should note that the first week of that session coincides with the second week of the 2019 September school holidays.

​Candidates with disabilities

AMEB (Qld) makes every effort to accommodate candidates with a disability by making reasonable adjustments to ensure these candidates are able to participate on the same basis as other candidates.

Enrollers and candidates should contact the AMEB (Qld) state office to discuss their particular needs ahead of any examinations and supply relevant supporting documentation.

Visual impairment 

Practical examination candidates with vision impairments have the option of completing either sight-reading for the grade they are completing, or aural tests from one grade higher. If candidates choose to undertake the sight-reading, a number of procedures will apply. Please contact the AMEB (Qld) state office for more information on these procedures.

Written examination candidates with vision impairments should contact the AMEB (Qld) state office to discuss their requirements and reasonable adjustments.

Last updated
21 March 2019