​​Repertoire exa​m​ination requirements

Following the recital examination trial (2017-2018), AMEB has launched repertoire examinations for all syllabuses excluding for leisure, band, ensemble performance and CPM. The requirements for repertoire exams differ slightly to those originally included in the recital trial syllabuses.

Read more about the repertoire examinations.

Written theor​y examina​​tion enrolments 2019

On Wednesday 26 June 2019, enrolments for AMEB Qld's only written theory examination session will close. No late enrolments will be accepted for this session, so if you are wanting to sit a written theory exam, please get your enrolments in on time. Please note that enrolments will only be accepted in locations where it is viable to conduct written exams, as the exams are available online. You can enrol via email and post, or online through the AMEB Qld Shop.

AMEB Syllabus update​​s 2019

There were a host of syllabus changes and updates between 2018 and 2019.

Read more about Music syllabus updates.

Read more about Speech and Drama Syllabus updates.​



Last updated
19 June 2019