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AMEB is pleased to announce that the following resources are available from November 2019 for trumpet:

  • Trumpet series 2: Preliminary to Grade 4 (2019)
  • Trumpet series 2: Recorded accompaniments—Preliminary to Grade 3 (digital download)
  • Trumpet technical work and orchestral excerpts (2019)
  • Trumpet sight-reading and transposition (2019)

Trumpet series 1 and Brass series 1 can still be used with the new trumpet syllabus. Horn and trumpet technical work (1992 reprinted with new cover 2004) may not be used with the new syllabus. Brass sight-reading (2004), while not tailored to the parameters of the revised syllabus, may be used as an extra resource for practice purposes. Orchestral excerpts for trumpet that were previously contained in Brass orchestral excerpts (2004) have now been republished in Trumpet technical work and orchestral excerpts (2019)

Theory of Music and Musicianship

In mid-2019 AMEB published the following course/workbooks for users of the Theory of Music syllabus:

  • Theory of Music: Integrated course and workbook—Grades 1, 2 and 3.

AMEB's new Theory of Music: Integrated course and workbook series represents the only official publications that correspond directly with the AMEB Theory of Music syllabus for Grades 1, 2 and 3.

AMEB is pleased to announce that the following publications are available digitally from November 2019 for theory and musicianship:

  • Theory of Music analytical notes—Grades 5 and 6 (2019)
  • Musicianship analytical notes—Grades 5 and 6 (2019).

Theory and musicianship analytical notes provide in-depth analysis of set works for theory and musicianship Grades 5 and 6 to assist examination candidates with their preparation.


Rockschool examinations in Australia

The Board of AMEB Ltd is pleased to continue their partnership with Rockschool in 2020 to deliver exams and syllabuses in Australia through AMEB.

Rockschool is a vibrant, contemporary music program of exams and qualifications for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano, keyboard, ukulele, bands, popular music theory and music production. Based in the UK, Rockschool specialises in music of the most popular genres in a range of contemporary styles. Its qualifications are recognised globally with tens of thousands of exams conducted in the UK and over 40 countries around the world.

Rockschool syllabus developments

A new Rockschool piano syllabus was released in 2019. There will be an overlap of the old and new piano syllabuses until 1 September 2020, after which date only the new syllabus will be examinable. A brand-new keyboard syllabus was also introduced in 2019. The acoustic guitar syllabus was updated in September 2019 and the old and new syllabuses will run concurrently during 2020. The current vocals syllabus is being extended until a new syllabus is released.

Online examinations and courses

Online written examinations and courses for all theory syllabuses are available from the AMEB Online Learning and Exam Centre. For further details about online examinations and courses, please visit AMEB Online Learning and Exams website.

MyTempo app

AMEB has redesigned the MyTempo app. The app is designed to work with AMEB Recorded Accompaniments and enables the user to change the speed of the recording for enhanced practice. The new MyTempo app features a range of new and enhanced functions to better support students and is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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Last updated 28 November 2019