Acceptance of enrolments

Enrolments are accepted by the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) Queensland on the understanding that teachers, private entrants, candidates and parents:

  • agree to AMEB (Qld) policies and procedures
  • accept that assessments shall be made strictly in accordance with the syllabus requirements, objectives and regulations prescribed in the 2019 AMEB Manual of Syllabuses
  • pay the required fees associated with the enrolment.

An examination schedule advising enrollers and candidates of the allocated examination time and date will be sent to the enroller three weeks prior to practical examinations. All rescheduling must occur in consultation with AMEB (Qld), with appropriate fees paid prior to the requested change being approved.

Cancellation and refund policy—AMEB examinations

Where medical and/or other extenuating circumstances prevent a candidate from sitting the exam, 50% of the enrolment fee may be refunded. The candidate must provide a medical certificate or other evidential documentation to support the request.

The refund cheque will be made payable to the enroller or refunded via BPoint.

Candidates cannot re-sit an examination within the same session of that calendar year, but are eligible to re-enrol for that examination in a subsequent session later in the same calendar year.

Transfer fees

If a candidate is unable to attend an examination due to medical and/or other extenuating circumstances and the examination has not yet been scheduled, a candidate's enrolment may be changed without charge. Such changes can only be made to another examination session within the same calendar year.

If the examination has been scheduled, the examination can only be changed to another date and time within the same calendar year when a transfer fee is paid.

Please review the transfer fees outlined by instrument in the 2019 Enrollers' handbook (PDF, 4.4MB) .

Cancellation and refund policy—AMEB Qld events

AMEB events (professional development, diploma award concerts and similar) take significant planning and pre-event financial expense.

We require a written notice for all cancellations. If you provide:

  • 7 working days' notice or more, a full refund of the total registration cost will be given
  • 6 working days' notice or less, the total registration costs are payable and no refund applies.

AMEB Qld excludes weekends, public holidays and the event day when calculating how many days' notice you have provided for cancellation.

Please consider providing a substitute if you cannot attend an event, prior to cancellation.

If you are unable to attend an AMEB event on the day for any reason and cannot provide a substitute, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Examination centres for practical and written examinations

Examination centres are selected based on availability within the nominated session and in convenient proximity to the enroller, where possible.

For examinations outside metropolitan Brisbane, a minimum of 5 hours examining is required. Where there are insufficient candidates to meet the minimum requirement, AMEB may negotiate alternative arrangements. Options may include requesting candidates to travel to the nearest available centre, or providing the opportunity to withdraw from the examination with a full refund of the examination fee.

For theory, candidates are encouraged to complete online examinations where possible. Written examinations can only be offered in those centres where it is commercially viable to do so. Where candidates have requested examinations in non-viable centres, they will be given the option of sitting their examination online, or sitting their examination at the nearest viable written examination centre. Where neither option is deemed suitable by the candidate, the examination fee paid will be refunded in full.

Teachers may request that music and speech and drama examinations be conducted at a private centre, studio or school. A minimum of 3 hours (metropolitan) and 5 hours (regional) of examining will be required.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are not permitted in examination rooms. If they are, they must be switched off and out of sight.

Privacy policy / non-disclosure of personal details

AMEB (Qld) will not divulge any personal information to individuals or organisations without the permission of those concerned, unless required by law.

Read the AMEB federal office and the Queensland Government privacy policy for more information.


AMEB cannot make recommendations or provide advice as to the suitability or availability of teachers or accompanists.

Please refer to page 34 of the 2019 Enrollers' handbook (PDF, 4.4MB) for contact details of those organisations that can.

Last updated 09 July 2019