AMEB qualifications are an internationally recognised benchmark and measure of excellence. The AMEB syllabuses are developed by leading Australian musicians and educators using the pedagogical approaches best suited to Australian students and the Australian education system.

AMEB examinations offer the following to candidates:

  • Beginner to advanced levels—from preliminary level through to advanced diploma levels.
  • Online examination options—online written examinations (Theory of Music, Music Craft and Musicianship) and courses for all theory syllabuses which are available from AMEB SCORE.
  • Face to face examinations as well as Video Repertoire Examinations.
  • Quality syllabuses—contemporary and accessible syllabuses produced in Australia, and developed in consultation with teachers, parents and candidates.
  • Wide range of music—broad range of repertoire available in each syllabus with flexible approaches to allow candidates to perform to high standards.
  • Prestigious history—AMEB has been assessing students since 1887 and is the only examinations board that has formal links with Australian Universities and Ministries of Education.

Examination calendar

Examinations are held from March to December in distinct sessions.

The AMEB Qld examination calendar contains all Queensland examination sessions.

Please note:

  • closing dates for each session
  • late fees apply to all enrolments received after the closing date
  • no late enrolments or video submissions are accepted for Video Repertoire and Rockschool Video examinations.

Enrolling for an examination

You can register and enrol for AMEB Qld practical examinations online through the AMEB Qld Shop.

AMEB Qld accepts enrolments on the understanding that teachers, candidates and parents have read and agreed to our terms and conditions. Before enrolling, please familiarise yourself with the Enrollers' Handbook for a comprehensive list of AMEB Qld policies and procedures and examination information.

View our AMEB Qld enrolment scenarios for an overview of the various ways an enroller can enrol a candidate in an examination.

If you are a first time enroller, you must register your details and email address to generate an enroller ID. This will provide you with access to purchase examinations, books and consultations. When you log in, you can access 'My Records' to view and print your candidate's slip and examination schedule. This information is usually available approximately 3 weeks prior to the start of every examination session.

Teachers may ask parents to enrol on their behalf, if this is the case, and you are a parent, please register with your own email and the teacher's enroller ID. Please note that all information will be sent to the enroller in the first instance. It is the enroller's responsibility to notify the parent of the candidate's examination details, including the date and time.

If you are an existing enroller and have forgotten your enroller ID, please contact AMEB Qld on (07) 3634 0933 to retrieve your existing ID. Please do not register for a new enroller ID.

Before enrolling for an examination, in addition to familiarising yourself with the Enrollers' Handbook, use our enrolment checklist as a guide to assist in the enrolment process.​

Last updated 21 December 2023