Policies, procedures and fees


For a full list of AMEB (Qld) policies and procedures, please refer to pages 84–96 of the 2020 Enrollers' Handbook (PDF, 7MB).

Acceptance of enrolments

AMEB (Qld) accepts enrolments on the understanding that teachers, private entrants, candidates and parents have read and agree to:

  • AMEB (Qld) policies and procedures
  • accept that assessments shall be made strictly in accordance with the syllabus requirements, objectives and regulations prescribed in the 2020 AMEB Manual of Syllabuses
  • acknowledge that examinations will not be scheduled without payment
  • acknowledge it is the responsibility of the enroller and candidate to adequately prepare for the exam in line with the correct syllabus requirements
  • provide true and accurate information on the enrolment form
  • ensure candidates are ready to sit their exam from the first day of the examination session
  • pay the required fees associated with the enrolment
  • accept that late fees, change of enrolment, transfer fees, wait list fees and stipulated policy and procedure, will be enforced.

Teachers and private entrants are responsible for ensuring that they are familiar with the examination requirements and regulations prescribed in the current AMEB Manual of Syllabuses, and the administrative policies and procedures outlined in the 2020 Enrollers' Handbook (PDF, 7MB).

An examination schedule advising enrollers and candidates of the allocated examination time and date will be sent to the enroller no later than 3 weeks prior to practical examinations.

All rescheduling must occur in consultation with AMEB (Qld). AMEB (Qld) must receive a Change of Enrolment form (PDF, 208KB) to amend any enrolment details, which is to be accompanied by payment of the administration fee.

AMEB (Qld) examinations—Cancellation and/or Transfer policy

If a candidate is unable to attend a scheduled examination, the enroller is requested to telephone AMEB (Qld) as soon as possible, and subsequently confirm the telephone advice in writing via an email.

Cancellations due to medical reasons must be supported by a medical certificate or documentation. When a cancellation is due to illness and substantiated by a medical certificate, the candidate will be offered the opportunity, subject to availability, to re-schedule the examination at a later date within the current calendar year upon payment of a transfer fee.

Candidates cannot re-sit an examination within the same session of that calendar year, but are eligible to re-enrol for that examination in a subsequent session later in the same calendar year. It is not possible to transfer an enrolment from one calendar year to the next.


Please review the AMEB (Qld) full fees and respective policies on pages 84–96 of the 2020 Enrollers' Handbook (PDF, 7MB).

Enrolment fees

Change of enrolment fee

At the time of enrolment, enrollers must check the accuracy of all enrolment details. This includes the candidate name (written as it will appear on the certificate), enroller ID, the subject code and subject name. Any changes made after the initial enrolment will incur an administration fee of $20. AMEB (Qld) must receive a Change of Enrolment form (PDF, 208KB) to amend any enrolment details, accompanied by payment of the administration fee.

Late fees

Late fees automatically apply for all enrolments received or paid up to 14 days after the published session closing date and time. If you are submitting a manual enrolment form, a fully completed enrolment form must be received along with your BPoint payment before 4pm on the close date for the enrolment to be successfully lodged and processed. If you are enrolling via the AMEB (Qld) Shop, your enrolment must be submitted by midnight on the close date. A $40 late fee will apply to every candidate enrolled 14 days after the official close date.

Wait list fees

Wait list fees apply to all enrolments received 14 days or more after the enrolment close date. Entries will only be accepted at the discretion of the AMEB (Qld) State Manager and are subject to the availability of examiners and exam venues, and only upon submission of a completed wait list form (PDF, 1.5MB) and payment of the $80 wait list fee. If AMEB (Qld) is unable to honour the request, the original enrolment fee will be refunded to the enroller. The wait list fee is retained by AMEB (Qld) and goes some way to cover administrative costs.

Transfer fees

Transfer fees apply to all requests to change examination dates and times. The transfer request form (PDF, 310KB) must be completed along with payment of the required fee of approximately half of the original exam enrolment fee in order for the transfer to be actioned.

Enrollers and candidates should note that transfers are subject to availability. In the event that the candidate cannot be rescheduled in the same calendar year, they forfeit their original enrolment fee and will need to re-enrol in their examination in the next calendar year and the transfer fee will be refunded.

Administration fees

AMEB (Qld) will dispatch your results 14 days after the examination to your enroller. It is the enroller's responsibility to pass on the report and certificate to the candidate.

Once the mail has been dispatched from AMEB State Office, Australia Post are responsible for mail delivery times. Mail delivery times may be affected during peak periods of demand like school holidays or extenuating circumstances, such as extreme weather events.

In the event that an examination result is not received by the enroller within the timeframe, the enroller can request a Statement of Results, free of charge.

A certificate re-print will be provided free of charge if it has not been received by the enroller 6 weeks after dispatch from the AMEB (Qld) office. However, all subsequent certificate reprints will incur the usual administration fee.

Please note:

  • Due to school holiday closures, a candidate's results may be delayed until the return of school in the next term.
  • Enrollers' must notify AMEB (Qld) at prior to the exam, should they wish to nominate an alternative postage address for the results and certificates during school holiday closures or if the teacher is on holidays.

Request for Statement of Results

Candidate Statement of Results—To receive a candidate's Statement of Results other than if the original results were not received by the enroller, a Statement of Results request form (PDF, 364KB) must be completed and accompanied by a $10 fee.

Enroller Statement of Results—Any enroller wishing to obtain a Statement of Results for any other purpose must complete the Statement of Results request form along with payment of the appropriate fee. The fee schedule for Statement of Results is $15 for one year of results and $10 for each additional year after that applies.

Please note, AMEB (Qld) will only supply a maximum of 5 years' Statement of Results.

A postage and handling fee of $4.50 will also apply, if you request to receive the Statement of Results in the post.

Duplicate (re-print) certificates

Duplicate certificates can be printed and supplied upon completion of a Replacement of Certificate request form (PDF, 204KB) and payment of the applicable fee of $29 + $4.50 postage and handling.

AMEB (Qld) allows 14 days from the exam to dispatch the certificate along with the reports to the enroller. It is the enroller's responsibility to pass this information onto the candidate and if delays are anticipated because the teacher is on holidays or the school is closed. The enroller must advise AMEB Qld prior to the exam of an alternative postage address. If requesting a duplicate certificate dated prior to 1991, a search fee of $70 will apply in addition to $29 + $4.50 postage and handling.

Examination centres for practical and written examinations

Examination centres are selected based on availability within the nominated session and in convenient proximity to the enroller, where possible.

For examinations outside metropolitan Brisbane, a minimum of 5 hours examining is required. Where there are insufficient candidates to meet the minimum requirement, AMEB (Qld) may negotiate alternative arrangements. Options may include requesting candidates to travel to the nearest available centre, or providing the opportunity to withdraw from the examination with a full refund of the examination fee.

Teachers may request that music and speech and drama examinations be conducted at a private centre, studio or school. AMEB (Qld) requires a minimum of 3 hours examining in metropolitan areas and 5 hours examining in regional locations. The venue owner or a representative nominated by the venue must contact to express an interest in becoming a private venue for AMEB exams, prior to any examinations being held there.

For theory examinations, candidates are encouraged to complete online examinations where possible. From 2020, written in-situ examinations will be available on an 'on application' basis. This means candidates may be able to take their paper-based exams at an approved time and place that is convenient to them, rather than waiting for an annual scheduled session. Terms and conditions apply so please contact AMEB Qld for more information if you are interested.

Privacy policy / non-disclosure of personal details

AMEB (Qld) will not divulge any personal information to individuals or organisations without the written permission of those concerned, unless required by law.

Read the AMEB Federal Office and the Queensland Government privacy policy for more information.

Last updated 14 May 2020