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Rockschool exams

Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) is proud to continue its partnership with RSL, UK, Rockschool to deliver AMEB Rockschool examinations in Australia.

Rockschool is a contemporary music program of examinations and globally recognised qualifications for electric guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele and bands. Rockschool specialises in music of the most popular genres in a range of contemporary styles (rock, pop, metal and funk).

The program offers comprehensive syllabuses and a range of examination support materials including grade books, companion guides, technical handbooks and backing tracks (recordings). For all available resources, visit the Rockschool Australia website.

Ranging from introductory grades all the way to diploma level—a candidate’s work is rewarded by a valuable qualification regardless of their age. Each Rockschool grade gives the options of sitting either a Grade Exam or a Performance Certificate.

Rockschool Grade Exam

The Rockschool Grade Exam syllabus provides a framework for the progressive development of a wide range of musical and technical skills, over a series of grades from beginner to expert level.

Technical, aural and sight-reading skills are acquired in a sequential way. Performance pieces focus on the most popular contemporary genres which are selected by experts to suit the needs of students at their particular stage of development.

A Rockschool Grade Exam, from Debut to Grade 5, includes:

  • 3 Performance pieces—2 of which may be Free Choice
  • Technical exercises
  • Sight-reading, Improvisation
  • Ear tests
  • General Musicianship questions.

Rockschool Performance Certificates

For a Performance Certificate Exam, the candidate plays 5 pieces; there are no Technical Exercises, Ear Tests, Sight-reading or General Musicianship requirements in a Performance Certificate Exam.

A performance Certificate Exam includes:

  • 5 Performance Pieces (Premier to Grade 8)—3 of which may be Free Choice pieces

Rockschool Diplomas

In 2020 and 2021, candidates will have the choice of 2 types of Diploma exams.

  1. New Professional Diplomas (Level 4 and Level 6): The Professional Diplomas recognise the expertise in people who are already working in the creative industries, and are designed to allow opportunities for flexible progression routes and pathways.

  2. Current Performance Diplomas (Level 4 and Level 6): Performance Diplomas allow a candidate to master a range of professional-level skills that are tailored to the needs of a performer (gigging musician). These Diplomas are available until the end of 2021.

Syllabuses for Level 4 New Professional Diploma (PDF, 2.2MB) and Level 6 New Professional Diploma (PDF, 5.4MB) are available for download through the links provided, or by visiting the Rockschool Australia website. All recourses for CURRENT Performance Diploma’s including syllabuses, Candidate Handbooks & Assessment Criteria for Level 4 and Level 6 can be found on the Rockschool Australia website.

Rockschool video exams 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rockschool has introduced 2 Graded Exams that are submitted via video.

  1. Graded Certificate (Debut to Grade 5): Graded Certificates cover grades Debut to 5 and require the candidate to play 3 pieces (up to 2 free choice pieces) and all of the technical exercises published in the Rockschool Grade books. There are no Ear Tests, Sight-reading, Improvisation or General Music questions requirements in a Graded Certificate video exam.

  2. Performance Certificate (Premiere to Grade 8): Candidates will be marked by a Rockschool examiner in the same way they would be for an in-situ examination. Candidates can choose to play all 5 pieces from the Rockschool Graded Book repertoire, or choose to record up to 3 Free Choice pieces from the following:
    • Songs in the public domain, including hits from the charts e.g.
    • a song by their favourite band or artist
    • Pieces from other examination boards
    • A piece from our Rockschool Classics series
    • Their own composition.

Candidate’s can enrol in both examination types in Session 90 online through AMEB Qld Shop. AMEB Qld will forward your candidate’s enrolment details onto RSL Rockschool UK, who will then email you a link to upload the video to MASV (file sharing software) within approximately 4 weeks.

For the complete guide to Rockschool exams submitted through video, visit Guide to taking a Graded Certificate or Performance Certificate examination via video (PDF, 4.2MB) and view the FAQs (PDF, 423KB).

Support Materials

A range of publications to support Rockschool teaching and learning are listed on the Rockschool Australia website including examination tips and FAQs.


Ofqual, Rockschool’s certification body in the UK, require all Rockschool reports to be moderated in the UK before being released. Consequently, Rockschool results and certificates will take approximately 7 weeks to be dispatched to you.

Enrolling for examinations

Enrolments for Rockschool examinations are online through the AMEB Qld Shop.

Popular Music Theory and Music Production Exams are administered by the AMEB Federal Office. For further information on these examinations, visit

Last updated 20 August 2020